EUYI HPV Genotyping Kit

The EUYI HPV Genotyping Kit (PCR-Reverse Dot Blot, PCR-RDB) is an in-vitro diagnostic test. The test is the qualitative and genotyping detection of DNA from 20 Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types in cervical specimens. 20 types of HPV included 18 high-risk HPV (HR HPV) and 2 low-risk HPV (LR HPV).

•High-risk HPV types: 16,18,26,31,33,35,39,45,51,52,53,56,58,59,66,68,73 and 82;

•Low-risk HPV types: 6 and 11.

•Size: 25 tests

Clinical Application
1. Screening for cervical lesions and cervical cancer;

2. Triage of women with atypical squamouscells of undetermined significance(ASC-US)
 or higher before colposcopy;

3. Surveillance for postoperative recurrence of cervical cancer;
4. Auxiliary diagnosis of genital warts;

5. Assistance of epidemiology study and implementation of HPV vaccination.
Operation Procedure
Specimen: exfoliated cervical cells collected as liquid-based cytology specimen
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