The thalassemias are the most common human monogenic diseases. These inherited disorders of hemoglobinsynthesis are characterized by a reduced production of globin chains of hemoglobin, and over 300,000 newborns affected children are born every year globally.

YOUYI Bioscience offers a reliable and comprehensive screening solutionfor a range of common α/β-thalassemia genetic variants globally!

EUYI α-Thalassemia Test (Gap-PCR)

More than 100 genetic forms of α-thalassemia have thus far been identified, with phenotypes ranging from asymptomatic to lethal. EUYI α-Thalassemia Test (Gap-PCR) provides a convenient and comprehensive assay analyzing 7 most common genotypes of deletional α-thalassemia globally.

EUYI α-Thalassemia Genotyping Kit (Nondeletion)

With highly sensitive probes and high quality reagent, the reverse dot-blot system designed by YOUYI Bioscience enables screening 7 mutations through a single hybridization reaction.
EUYI β-Globin Gene Variation Test
EUYI β-Globin Gene Variation Test is used in vitro to qualitatively detect the 619bp deletion of human β-globin gene in suspects of thalassemia. The PCR products of the assay also include the alteration region of β-globin gene which can be used for further analysis of potential mutations.
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